Presentation of actions

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Presentation of actions


About ten annual events

Each year, CREDAF organises about 10 international events: symposium, directors seminars, task groups, formation seminars and other thematic meetings, alternatively organised by member. A synthesis document, resuming recommandations in particular, is published at the end of each event.

Annual symposium

The symposium is the moment of the year when CREDAF member administrations heads meet, with representatives of many international organisations, academics or experts in taxes. Throughout three days, participants think, exchange, debate about selected theme(s)

In order to foster reflection, debates are preceded with round tables and presentations, in which take part CREDAF members and external experts (international organisations, academics…). Tasks are achieved by the means of workshops and commissions organised as subgroups, which enable fuller exchanges.

The symposium also is the occasion to gather each year CREDAF General Assembly.

Directors seminars

CREDAF organises each year at least three Directors seminars.

he shape of these events is different from symposium’s. Indeed, seminars alternate plenary sessions and workshop tasks, about a precise theme selected by General Assembly, and suggested by Executive Board.

Usually reserved to CREDAF members, it adresses to senior executives and their collaborators.

Task groups meetings

The General Assembly determines each year, after suggestion of the Executive Board, a technical and practical task theme, which is studied by a task group.

This group is comprised with a narrow team of experts from CREDAF member countries, which is gathered twice, two months apart. According to the selected theme, officials from regional or national organisation can be associated to tasks.

The task group aims for the development of a specific documentation about the selected theme, which is usually designed as a guideline.

Each member of the group is in charge of writing a contribution which will be be included in the development of the final document.

The guideline developed by task group in progress is presented each year during the symposium. It is then broadcasted in all member countries.

Training the trainers

In order to enable the development of the guideline published by each task groupe, CREDAF organises an annual training of the trainers seminar .

This seminar is dedicated to CREDAF members. It combines alternate plenary sessions and practical exercises in order to enable participants to  use the guideline and to implement staff training sessions in their respective administrations.