TaxCoop2020 contest: moving towards a tax responsible society?

TaxCoop 2020 is fast approaching. Scheduled for 15 October, this year’s event will virtually bring together worldwide experts, professionals and/or citizens, in a totally free and online program. At the same time, in compliance with social distancing measures, participants will gather at Montreal Science Centre.

In the context of the preparation of this global major tax summit, the organisers developed the idea of running a contest to find proposals of activities to be implemented by tax administrations, in order to raise public awareness on the importance that every citizen pay his fair share of taxes. This contest seeks to gather suggestions promoting a fiscally responsible society. The best contestants will receive several rewards, including an amount in cash.

A fiscally responsible society?

In a fiscally responsible society, the population is aware about the social purpose of taxes and of the importance of tax revenues so that a government can ensure the community a wide range of programs and services for all. As members of a fiscally responsible society, citizens (individuals and companies) pay their fair share of taxes on a voluntary basis and understand, for example, that using the underground economy deprives the population of public services.

Strengthen the public awareness of the principle of a fiscally responsible society is crucial for tax administrations, to ensure taxpayers’ voluntary tax compliance.

Do you have an idea of an initiative that a tax administration could put forward to raise awareness about the important role the collection of taxes plays in society and to increase taxpayers’ voluntary tax compliance?

Participate in the TaxCOOP Tax Responsible Society contest for a chance to win a bursary of CDN$ 2,500 (1,600 euros)!

The contest is open to all. Please inform your colleagues.

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