Presentation of actions

Presentation of actions

Around ten annual events

Each year, CREDAF organizes nearly ten international events: conferences, director seminars, working groups, and other thematic meetings, organized in turn in each of the member countries.

The Annual Conference

The conference is the time of year when all the leaders of CREDAF member administrations and representatives of numerous international organizations, academics and even experts in the field of taxation come together. For three days, participants reflect, exchange and debate around the chosen theme(s).

To encourage reflection, round tables and presentations involving members of CREDAF and external experts precede the debates. The work also takes the form of workshops and commissions organized in sub-groups, which allow for more in-depth discussions.

The conference is also an opportunity to bring together the CREDAF General Assembly each year.

Directors’ seminars

CREDAF organizes at least three Directors’ seminars each year.

The format of these events is different from that of the conference. Indeed, the seminars alternate plenary sessions and workshop work on a specific theme selected by the General Assembly, on the proposal of the Executive Office.

Generally reserved for CREDAF members, they are aimed at senior executives and their colleagues.

Working group meetings

The General Assembly determines each year, after a proposal from the Executive Board, a technical and practical work theme which is entrusted to the study of a working group.

This group is made up of a small team of experts from CREDAF member countries, which meets twice, a few months apart. Depending on the theme chosen, representatives of regional or national organizations may be associated with the work.

The working group aims to develop specific documentation on the chosen theme, which most of the time takes the form of a practical guide.

Each member of the group is responsible for writing a contribution which will be used in the design of the final document.

The guide developed by the current working group is presented each year during the conference. It is then broadcast in all member countries.