International and regional organizations

Since 2012, the CREDAF General Secretariat has established contacts with international organizations for which it is today a full partner.

To date, CREDAF has concluded six cooperation agreements with CIAT (2013), the OECD (2015), the UNDP “Development Strategy and Public Finance” Unit based in Dakar (2016), the OIF (2017), FERDI (2017) and the École des Mines de Paris (2017).

These partnerships aim to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of information between members on good practices. in the field of taxation. This multilateral international cooperation, which is based on common interest and the sharing of experiences in the field of taxation, is found in the objectives of the organizations.

In addition to these partnerships, the Lomé General Assembly approved the participation of CREDAF in the Network of Secretariats of Tax Organizations and in the Addis Tax initiative (ATI):

> The Network of Secretariats of Tax Organizations (in English “Network of Tax Organization Secretariats –NTOS-“) brings together seven partners: ATAF, ATAIC, CATA, CIAT, CREDAF, IOTA and WATAF. The objective is to strengthen their cooperation to develop the capacities of the secretariats and improve the efficiency of their respective resources for the benefit of their members;

> The Addis Tax Initiative (ATI) is a multi-stakeholder capacity building partnership in domestic resource mobilization, bringing together more than 40 countries and organizations committed to scaling up their improvement efforts in partner countries. The ATI aims to enable partner countries to more effectively mobilize their own resources to finance development and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – by increasing technical assistance and intensifying efforts to improve domestic resource mobilization (MRN) as well as to ensure the coherence of development policies.

International and regional organizations

In order to learn more about CREDAF's partner organizations, we invite you to read our fact sheets on each of the organizations that actively contribute to our work and actions in a spirit of sharing and pooling good practices.