CREDAF-OECD Seminar – Transfer Pricing Workshop – Ouagadougou

Today in Faso: Problématique des prix de transfert

Le Faso.net : Des experts fiscaux outillés pour lutter contre les pratiques d’évitement fiscal des multinationales


Directors’ Seminar in Cotonou:

BENINTO.INFO : “Better equip tax administrations for the control of telephone, banking and insurance companies”

32nd CREDAF International Conference in Lomé:

News à Lomé : Lomé hosts the 32nd annual CREDAF conference

Direct 7 : The 32nd CREDAF international conference takes place in Togo

Togolese Republic : Taxation is at the heart of the dynamics of Nations

Togo Top Infos : The mobilization of tax revenues on the menu of the 32nd CREDAF conference

L’oeil d’Afrique : Optimization of tax mobilization at the heart of discussions

Togo en marche : Mobilization of internal tax resources, CREDAF member countries under consideration in Lomé

French Embassy in Lomé Speech by the Ambassador on the occasion of the 32nd CREDAF conference

FERDI FERDI is organizing a side event “Tax expenditures: beyond the Credaf guide”

Togolese Republic : Taxation: Togo holds the presidency of CREDAF

News à Lomé : Togo took over the presidency of the Study Meeting Center for Tax Administration Leaders (CREDAF)

ACP Congo DR Congo at the 32nd CREDAF international conference in Togo

Congo-Brazzaville: tax administrators discuss the issue of transfer pricing (02/14/2017):

CREDAF and the OECD are organizing a technical workshop on “Transfer Pricing”. This event is an extension of the seminars organized in Dakar from March 10 to 13, 2014, in Libreville from February 16 to 19, 2015 and again in Dakar from February 15 to 19, 2016. It is an opportunity to deepen the issue of food prices. transfer.

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CREDAF member countries harmonize their tax administrations (02/15/2016)

CREDAF opened discussions on February 15 in Dakar on the theme “transfer pricing and exchange of information”.

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Tax administration: CREDAF and capacity building (05.23.2016)

Libreville is hosting from May 23 to 26, the 31st annual conference of the Meeting and Study Center for Tax Administration Leaders (CREDAF), organized on the theme “What HR strategies for a modern and efficient administration?”

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Anne-Marie Geourjon, Program Manager at Ferdi, participated in the 31st annual Credaf conference

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Tax administration: seminar for CREDAF Directors in Conakry (25.07.2016)

On the morning of Monday, July 25, 2016, the opening of the training seminar for Directors of CREDAF (Center for Meetings and Studies of Directors of Tax Administrations) was held, under the theme: “Training, a tool for capacity building and support for reforms”.

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Clearance of tax arrears: 15 CREDAF member countries in Antananarivo (12.10.2016)

A seminar on recovery is organized by the Meeting and Study Center for Tax Administration Leaders (CREDAF) from October 10 to 12 in Antananarivo (Madagascar). This seminar is dedicated to the clearance of tax arrears in CREDAF member countries.

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The OECD organizes with CREDAF a regional meeting of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS for French-speaking countries

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CREDAF Seminar on the territoriality of Value Added Tax (VAT)

Around forty tax specialists sharing experiences in Lomé

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