The world tax summit, TaxCOOP2020, took place virtually from 13 to 16 October 2020. This event brought together worldwide leaders to reconsider the future of taxation. Various topics have been discussed, such as environmental tax reform, global minimum tax, corporate taxation for MNEs, SMEs taxation and taxation of the digital economy.

In charge of the part of the program on « Administering tax in the 21st century », Revenu Québec, a CREDAF associate member, presented, on 14 October from 10:15 a reflection on key issues and challenges encountered by tax administrations in the 21st century.

As a reminder, Revenu Québec became a CREDAF associate member on 7 July 2020, while being a major partner taking part as a guest in CREDAF events for several years now. Therefore, obtaining this new status represents a major asset for Revenu Québec and CREDAF, allowing the Québec organisation to deepen its exchanges with member-administrations, to invest further in its development and to benefit from their knowledge in return. This is the opportunity to strengthen the collaborative links already existing between both organisations and to stimulate exchanges.

During TaxCOOP2020 14 October morning debates, Jean-Marc NIEL, the CREDAF Secretary General was among the speakers discussing the issue of “Aspirations for the tax administration of the future”. Besides, numerous speeches were offered during the afternoon, including a brainstorming session on developing countries.

Worldwide experts, from several tax administrations and from the CREDAF, have also shared their views on major current emerging trends faced by tax administrations

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